For Short Term Rehab or Long-Term Living

Sunrise View is the Place for you!

Living options for seniors in Everett, Washington

Sunrise View is committed to providing seniors and their families comfortable and compassionate living options.

Welcome to Sunrise View, named over 40 years ago by our owners because of the lovely view from our dining room
and many apartments of the Cascade Mountains and the valley below. I have been the administrator of this facility since 1993 and am proud of the service we provide to our own community and the larger one around us. Folks come here to be pampered in our retirement apartments confident that if they need more help in the future we can provide it with additional assisted services. We have a campus that includes independent retirement living, assisted living, rehabilitation and long term care. Our residents are secure in the knowledge that they can transition from one to another level of care right here on our campus.

My Grandmother did just that a few years back and enjoyed her final years in our long term care program.

Here is a wonderful picture of her and my Mom. Sunrise View has always been about the kind of personal approach and service that a family owned campus can provide.

Our staff is extraordinary and many have been here even longer than I have! Please consider Sunrise View for your senior living and service options.

Visit, call or e-mail us anytime for lunch and a tour.

Diane Lopes, Administrator

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